Marzinc was established by Çolakoğlu, Diler, İçdaş, Kaptan and Kroman steel companies in order to recover economically valuable metals in EAF dust. The Waelz Process operated by Marzinc is implemented in Europe and eco-friendly countries such as US. This process requires a big know-how, and technology. Assuming responsibility, Turkey’s leading five steel producer companies gathered their financial potential and know-how required to run the project under a single roof, and presented Marzinc idea to Turkey.

Çolakoğlu Metalurji: Following the developments in the field of production technologies closely, the company invests in the flue gas and waste water filtration systems as well as freshwater production. The environmental investments of the company whose system values are over the European standards are being registered with the documents issued by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization

Diler Iron and Steel Industry: Having a great environmental responsibility, the company has dust holding and biological treatment facilities.

İçdaş Steel: The environmental awareness of the company is documented with ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate. Additionally, the company was awarded Istanbul Chamber of Industry Environmental Prize in 2005 and Kocaeli Chamber of Industry Şahabettin Bilgisu Environmental Encouragement Prize in 2006. As the winner of Turkey in the Management Category of the EU Awards for the Environment in 2008, it was also entitled to represent our country in the European Union.

Kaptan Iron-Steel Industry: The company pelletizes the dusts and particles resulting from the production process before they are emitted to the atmosphere, and prevents the environmental pollution thanks to its dust collection facility with a capacity of 2.300.000 m3.

Kroman Steel:Having an environmental awareness and sense of social responsibility, the company fulfills all requirements of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, respects the environment and ecological balances, and produces accordingly.

Great Companies, Great Experiences! Benefiting from the five associated steel companies’ experiences of more than 60 years; Marzinc is setting higher standards in the Waelz zinc industry each day.
The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization supported the idea of treating EAF dusts by Turkish steel producers at the very beginning in order to recycle the waste resulting from the iron and steel production in a healthy and economical way. The Ministry gives its full support to such investments through the Iron & Steel Producers’ Association.
The producers in the Marmara Region, where almost half of the iron-steel production of Turkey is carried out, pioneered Marzinc’s establishment upon request and with the support of the Ministry and presented this important facility to the industry. This facility which was established with the support of the ministry also has “Positive Environmental Impact Assessment” issued by the Ministry.
5 steel producer companies* running Marzinc protects the environment as well as the ecological balance at every stage of their production to leave a more livable Turkey for the next generations. Complying with all required standards, the companies are contributing to green production for Turkey’s future.