Loving Environment, Efficiency Oriented
High Quality Production

Being a reflection of the environmental conciousness improving in our country, parallel to the environmental perception in the world, Marzinc investment was established by 5 leading steel producers of Turkey, Çolakoğlu, Diler, İçdaş, Kaptan and Kroman, in order to recover the zinc metal in the EAF (electric arc furnace) dust resulting from the scrap process.

Aiming to recover the EAF dust resulting from the production of the associated companies in an eco-friendly and economical way, the company has a capacity to obtain around 50.000 tons of zinc oxide from approximately 150.000 tons of flue dust per year.

Since the Marzinc was established with an advanced and modern technology, it produces in a much more environmental and effective way than its equivalents around the world. Exporting our high grade materials to the foreign markets, the facility has been contributing to recycling and Turkey’s economy since January 2013

Environmentalist Production Technology

Only proven EAF Dust treatment technology is also being used around Europe to treat about 750.000 to 1.200.000 tonnes of dust with the support of EU.